AML Audit in Poland

Polish entrepreneur which business is recognized as activity of “obliged entity” has to complete with certain obligations indicated in Polish AML Act. The internal procedure of the Polish obligated institution shall include among others rules of internal control or supervision of compliance of the activities with the provisions on Polish AML regulations and the rules of conduct specified in the AML Policy. The most recommended way to check compliance of Polish company with AML rules is performing external AML Audit in Poland.

Scope of Anti-Money Laundering audit in Poland

Our Law Firm in Poland may perform AML Audit in scope of Polish AML regulation (and implemented EU AML directives).

Scope of AML audit in Poland audit includes (audit goals and objectives):

  1. Overview of the entity;
  2. Review of compliance of business activity with Polish AML Act obligation (basic audit, legal compliance);
  3. Analysis of AML related documents, policies, procedures, training materials (detailed legal compliance with Polish AML regulation);
  4. Assessing the accuracy of the Client’s financial security measures with special emphasis upon Know Your Client procedure;
  5. Testing of the Client’s AML Policy and Procedures;
  6. Verification of compliance with reporting requirements under the Polish AML Act – reporting policy to Polish Regulator (General Inspector of Financial Information);
  7. Assessments upon Client’s request.

Timeframe of Anti-Money Laundering audit in Poland depends on defining goals and objective. Moreover, timeframe is indicated by our law firm after all documents and potential supporting documentation needed to perform a comprehensive audit are presented.