Opening bank account in Poland for foreign or Polish company

Our law firm cooperate with managers of one of the biggest and most popular banks in Poland for business and individual clients.

All Banks provide access to bank account in Poland via Internet service, which are in English language version.

Moreover clients of those banks are supported by phone consultants, which speak English language and can solve all problems regarding account.

First step to initiate opening bank account in Polish bank is providing us with cooperation documents of the company. We need 2 documents:

  1. Excerpt from Commercial Register (which encloses details of the company and details of persons which are entitled to represent the company);
  2. Articles of Association.

Those documents have to bear Apostille stamp. Next original documents with Apostille have to be translated into Polish by sworn translator.

Therefore, to proceed with opening bank account we need from you apostilled Articles of Association and Excerpt from the Company Register. Bank examines only hard copies of foreign documents and only those which bear apostille stamp.

Apostilled corporate documents of the company has to be send to us. Next, we will order sworn translation into Polish. Polish Bank will not examine foreign documents which are not translated into Polish language by sworn translator.

After preparation of translation of apostilled corporate documents We will deliver them to bank in Poland. Next, bank will examine documents and make final decision if they are interested in cooperation. After green light from bank, representative of the company may to arrive in bank branch and sign ready bank agreement. Of course we will assist you during visit in bank branch.

Opening bank account in Poland lasts one day. More time consuming is preparation of corporate documents with Apostille and Polish sworn translation. After signing of bank agreement Polish bank account is ready to operate.