Company registration in Poland in 2020

Registration of Polish Company is the most popular form of conducting business activity in Poland by foreigners. In most cases foreigners decide to open Polish Limited Liability Company (pl: “Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością”). This type of the company may be opened in Poland by any natural person (EU and non-EU citizens) and foreign entities without any limitations. Polish Limited Liability company may be established be one or several shareholders. Moreover, Polish Limited Liability may conduct any type of business activity. Of course some areas of undertakings are regulated and require obtaining license.

What is most time and cost effective way to open Polish company in 2020?

Company formation in Poland in person

Process of establishment Polish company is multistage. The future shareholder or shareholders have to conclude Articles of Association of the company. Article of Association of the company are basic document, which regulates principles of company name, seat, share capital, scope of activity, voting, representation etc. As a rule, Articles of Association has to be signed in Notary Public Office in Poland. Therefore, the classical method of company formation in Poland is connected with arriving in Poland and visiting Notary Office. After Articles of Association of the company are concluded, the motion to National Court Register has to be submitted to enclose company in Commercial Register.

Company formation in Poland by following method lasts around 2-3 weeks from the moment of concluding Articles of Association.

Company formation in Poland remotely via attorney

This method of Polish company formation is very similar to previous one. The main difference is that the Articles of Association of the company are not concluded in person by future shareholders but by attorney. Therefore this method of company incorporation requires preparing power of attorney document, authorizing attorney to conclude Articles of Association on behalf of shareholders. Usually such power of attorney is concluded in the place of residence of the future shareholder/shareholders. However, power of attorney document has to be prepared in notarized form and sent to Poland in original form via post. Next Polish attorney conclude Articles of Association of the company in Polish Notary Public Office and submits motion to Commercial Register.

Online company formation in Poland

Online company formation is entirely different method of opening Polish company from mentioned before. This process does not involve concluding Articles of Association in Notary Public Office. Everything is performed via online application in National Court Register service.

The advantages of this method include quick registration of the company. The company may be enclosed in Commercial Register even in 3 working days. Moreover, this method of Polish company is most cost effective. The total amount of incorporation is limited only to court fee in the amount of PLN 350.

Unfortunately, this method also has some weak points. To open company in Poland online you have to have Polish Trusted Profile or qualified electronic signature issued by Polish provider. The most simple way is to obtain Trusted Profile in Polish Embassy.

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