Shelf company in Poland

The alternative for opening new Polish company is buying shelf company in Poland. Our Law Firm in Poland offers to buy and sell ready-made Polish companies which are ready to operate business activity. Moreover, our clients may choose which features shall include shelf  company in Poland:

Buying Polish shelf company may take place by visiting Poland in person or remotely, on basis of power of attorney document.

If you decide to purchase company in Poland in person, therefore completing all formalities shall take one day. Buying Polish company is nothing else than concluding agreement of sale shares. Purchase share agreement have to be concluded in the form of notary deed. In the scope, our Law Firm in Poland arrange whole schedule of your visit in Poland and assist you in all stages of buying Polish company.

On the other hand, purchasing shelf company in Poland remotely – by attorney, requires preparation power of attorney document before Notary Public of buyer’s residence place. Next, PoA in hard copy has to be sent to our Law Firm in Poland. After receiving PoA, we shall comply with of formalities on your behalf.

Using services of our Law Firm in Poland guarantees that purchased shelf company in Poland is free of any obligations and liabilities. You have to be very aware of buying existing company in Poland from entities which are not law firm and are note regulated by Polish Attorneys Act. Many consulting firms in Poland sell existing companies as they clients want to avoid costs of liquidation. After couple of month the bailiff is suspending companies bank accounts because of companies debts. I have few clients with such issues and nothing can not be done. We offer to sell companies with clean history, which is guaranteed in agreement.

Click on the link below to find out detailed information of purchase share of Polish company process:

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