EORI Registration in Poland

Every company in Poland which conducts business activities related to the application of customs in European Union must perform registration of EORI number in Poland 

EORI is the English abbreviation for Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification, i.e. the Community System for Registration and Identification of Economic Entities. It is part of the electronic customs system.

EORI is addressed to business entities in Poland importing goods from outside the territory of the European Union. Polish companies conducting this type of activity must register in the EORI system and obtain EORI number.

Currently, EORI registration in Poland may be conducted only via online system – “PUESC”.  To register in EORI system in Poland representative of Polish company has to have “trusted profile” or qualified electronic signature issued by one of Polish agency. Therefore, for most foreigners it is impossible to obtain EORI number without visiting Poland in person and undertake additional formalities, i.e. obtaining trusted profile or buying qualified electronic signature.

If you are planning to import goods outside European Union you should earlier undertake measures to obtain EORI number. Without EORI number import goods to Poland or any other EU country is impossible. It is very important to obtain EORI number before starting customs clearance.

Regarding time-frame, EORI number may be gathered in usually 1-2 weeks. In very urgent situation our Law Firm may intensify efforts to obtain EORI number in Poland faster.

Our Law Firm in Poland may assist you in obtaining EORI number completely remotely without necessity of visiting Poland or sending us any documentation via post. Such possibility is reserved only for licensed attorneys in Poland.