Payment Services License in Poland

Payment services in Poland can be performed only by licensed payment services providers – payment institutions. Therefore Polish companies which render payment services has to obtain license from The Polish Financial Supervision Authority .

Our Law Firm in Poland serves full range of legal services for payment services providers. We assist national payment institutions (pl: “Krajowa Instytucja Płatnicza”), payment services offices (pl: “Biuro Usług Płatniczych) and entities preparing to obtain the status of a small payment institution (pl: “Mała Instytucja Płatnicza”).

Upon our services we examine scope of activity of client and advise in regard of best type of payment services license in Poland. Next, we prepare schedule of actions which has to be performed to obtain status of payment institution in Poland. We help our clients on each stage starting on preparation motion to obtain payment license in Poland and all relevant documents and ending on ongoing contact with Polish Regulator.