Non-criminal certificate in Poland

Non-criminal certificate in Poland (police certificate) may be obtained via application to Polish National Criminal Register. Register issues paper clearance certificate with official seals.

Applicant may request for following information:

  1. from Polish Criminal Register (pl: „Kartoteka karna”);
  2. from Option and Register of People deprived of Liberty and Wanted by Arrest Warrant (pl: “Kartoteka osób pozbawionych wolności oraz poszukiwanych listem gończym”);
  3. from Juvenille Criminal Record (pl: “Kartoteka nieletnich”);

To obtain clearance certificate in Poland you have to indicate following personal data:

  1. Given names;
  2. Surname;
  3. Parents’ names;
  4. Mother maiden name;
  5. Date and city of birth;
  6. Citizenship;
  7. Residence address.

Obtaining non criminal certificate in Poland is connected with payment of PLN 30. The clearance certificate may be obtained at the same day the application is filed. However, if applicant is resident of EU state the certificate will be ready after couple of days.

Our Law Firm in Poland may assist you in obtaining non criminal record completely remotely without necessity of visiting Poland or sending us any documentation via post. Such possibility is reserved only for licensed attorneys in Poland.

The National Criminal Record collects data about persons:

  1. which have been convicted by a final judgment of a court for criminal offenses or fiscal offenses,
  2. against which criminal proceedings in cases of fiscal offenses or fiscal offenses have been conditionally discontinued,
  3. against which criminal proceedings in cases of criminal offenses or fiscal offenses based on amnesty were discontinued,
  4. who are Polish citizens and have been validly convicted by the courts of other countries,
  5. for which preventive measures have been issued with final validity in cases concerning tax offenses or fiscal offenses,
  6. minors for whom educational, correctional or educational and therapeutic measures have been adjudicated with final validity;
  7. who have been validly sentenced for imprisonment for imprisonment,
  8. who are wanted by arrest warrant,
  9. who are temporarily arrested,
  10. who serve life imprisonment, 25 years imprisonment, imprisonment, military detention, arrest and substitute imprisonment,
  11. minors placed in juvenile shelters.