Information and documents required for company formation in Poland

Company formation in Poland is multistage process.  Within the frame of our services connected with setting up company in Poland we take best efforts to prepare every detail of your visit in Poland. Therefore we have to prepare prior documents connected with company establishment in Poland and obtain from you specified data.

Information and documents for company opening in Poland

  1. Localization of the company
    At this stage we need only to provide us with city in Poland of future company. City of the company will be indicated in Articles of Association

  2. Name of the company
    Name of the company can be freely selected. However it can not be contrary to moral ethical standard. Moreover, we have to check in Polish busines and sole proprietors registers if name is not already used. It is very importan as using the name of the company which already exsist may lead into refusal of entry company into Commercial Register

  3.  Scope of the activity;
    Polish commercial regulations are using official description of business activity:

We will need you to choose scope of activity from above official descriptions.We will need maximum 9  general subjects: for example “46.3”
and one specific subject on the level of subgroup e.i. “46.38.Z”

  1. Information about the amount of the initial share capital (minimum PLN 5.000). We recommend staying with minimum share capital of 5.000 złotych. Higher share capital is connected with higher notary fee. We would like to kindly underline that you are not obligated to transfer this amount into company bank account. You will have to only sign statement that share capital is covered by PLN 5.000.
  2. Information about the shareholders and members of the Management Board:


    1. information about current place of residence in format: street name/number of flat or house/city/zip-code/country;
    2.  contact phone number – only for opening bank purpose. It should be phone number of future President of the Management Board;
    3. if applicable information which persons shall be shareholders (and percentage volume of shares in share capital of the company) and which person shall be members of the Management Board
    4.  name of parents and mother’s maiden surname

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