Changes to the name of company in Poland

After establishment of the company in Poland the decision to change business name of company may arise.  This can occur for various reasons, such as rebranding, adaption name of the polish company to offered services or products, differentiation from the competition.

How to change name of company in Poland?

Changing the name of the company is connected with amendments of the Articles of Association of the Polish company. It has to be conducted before Polish Notary Public in the form of notary deed. Exception of this rule applies to situation when company was incorporated online.

Nevertheless, the change of the name of the company may be performed also remotely on the basis of Power of Attorney document. Such document may be prepared in simple written form (PoA does not have to be notarized). Document has to be send in original to Poland.

After changing of the Articles of Association of the company (in person or via attorney), the motion to National Court Register has to be submitted to enclose new company’s name.


Notary deed – PLN 500 net of VAT of notary remuneration; 2x PLN 50 net of Vat for notary excerpts*
*(price of notary public with whom Law Firm in Poland cooperates, which is 35 % lower than standard notary fee);
Court fee – PLN 350
Stamp duty – PLN 17
Total expenses: around PLN 1.106 gross

Schedule of remote change of the Polish company’s name of the company:

  1. Examination Articles of Association of company in Poland and preparation draft of PoA documents for all shareholders;
  2. Signing by shareholders PoA document and organizing shipment documents to Poland;
  3. Visit in notary public office in Poland by one Law Firm in Poland lawyer to change name of the company;
  4. Preparation and submission motion to National Court Register “KRS” to enclose change of seat in register;
  5. Update tax office about new name of the company;
  6. Update The Polish Register of Real Beneficiaries (pl: “CRBR”)

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