Company registration in Poland online via Internet

Our Law Firm in Poland main scope of field activity is, amongst others, assistance in company formation in Poland. To open company in Poland we recommend using traditional and classic way involving visit in Notary Public Office or remotely via us as attorneys.

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Company registration in Poland via the Internet

Our Law Firm in Poland may assist you in registration of a limited liability company in Poland via the Internet using official Polish government web portal. This way of establishment of the Polish company does not involve necessity of visiting Notary Public Office. The Internet procedure for registering a company in Poland involves using the electronic Articles of Association template.

Using the Internet registration system is possible for both Polish citizens and foreigners.

First step of company formation in Poland via Internet is preparation of following data:

  1. name of the company (field in the form “Name of the company being created” – should be provided without the suffix with the legal form)
  2. address data of the company (it is possible to provide the website address and e-mail address of the registered company in the system – after entering the data, it is visible in the National Court Register (KRS)
  3. court of registration according to the registered office of the company
  4. list of shareholders
  5. members of the company’s management bodies
  6. branches

The registration process is not simple and require experience. Any mistake will result in refusal of entry company into Polish Commercial Register and loosing fee.

The most important, every document has to be signed by using:

  1. qualified electronic signature (the signature purchased from the supplier of qualified certificates)
  2. signature with a “Polish Trusted Profile”

Currently, we recommend our foreign clients to open company in Poland via Internet services. The process is less extended in time. Moreover, Polish Trusted Profile will be very useful for contact with Polish Authorities and fulfilling corporate, tax and annual obligations, for example submitting annual financial statement.

However, it has to be underlined that electronic draft of Articles of Association is limited and does not provide adequate flexibility for specific needs.

On the other hand, it has to be noted that electronic establishment of the company may be more cost-effective. The expense of establishment of the company is around EUR 80. On the other hand, standard procedure of company formation in Poland  is connected with amount of around EUR 300 total expenses in case of minimal share capital.

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